Areas of Interest:

Areas of Interest is an excuse for us to dive deeper into the different things that we are passionate about. Although born mostly out of self-interest, we hope this platform allows us to investigate the communicative role of design, and how it can take a meaningful place in society.

As a collective, our interests overlap in some ways, but are contrasting opposites in many. We approach this difference by exposing initial ideas to critical feedback and evaluation, and subsequently moulding them into something that we genuinely love as a collective whole. This process—heavily dependent on intuition—can only happen with a willingness to improvise and engage with one another. Such a tension between the loose and critical is what fuels us forward.

We also believe that design should be engaged in the everyday with the general public—a mode of address that is not rarified or targeted towards an exclusive group of individuals. With this belief, we continuously question the values and motivations behind our work, and hope these efforts can contribute to greater general awareness and growth.