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Trial Workshop

We finally had our first trial workshop with people from the public. They are a few friends we know personally, most of them are designers who have been practising for quite some time, some are involved in design education, others leading their own studio practices. One of them just came back from a workshop in the Netherlands. It was good fun and meaningful time not just for the sake of participating in this workshop, but also a get together, with lots of catching up to do. We are again glad to have them in that day, and it definitely helped us in getting a clearer view of where this workshop should work towards.

On a whole, the participants took every chance and opportunity to explore and experiment, without leaving any space for normality to occur. Although we expected that sort of engagement from the group, we were still surprisingly pleased with the response, and that also meant that we had to work doubly hard to keep up with all the test prints and questions.

One concern raised during the feedback was that the time spent on making the poster was significantly more than the time spent on printing with the Risograph. And if this workshop’s focus is to provide an introduction to Risograph printing, then by just having one go in printing a poster would not be enough for a fufilling experience with the Risograph. We thought this was a valid feedback and intend to look further into it.

We also observed that although most of them got straight into making, they did not start with a clear idea of what to create. Most of them made a variety of cut-out “elements” from the stack of materials, ending up only using a selection of those. This left a smile on our faces (or if not only mine), knowing that this observation confirmed our intention—to use the process of making to aid in image making, going through the process of trial and error to visualise things on paper, and to finally decide on only the necessary elements for composition of this poster.

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