The Risograph printing process can be described as an occupant of the middle ground between the capabilities of offset lithographic printing, digital printing, photo-copying and screen-printing. It has also now become an alternative method of production due to an increased interest in self-publishing, and its ability to produce high quality prints quickly and inexpensively using colours not achievable by traditional digital printers.

For more information about the Risograph, visit Push—Press


Every possibility is unique to its own set of limitations and the existence of boundaries can only stretch the potential of creativity. This tension between limitations and possibilities is the context for this workshop—to introduce and explore the possibilities available through the limitations of the Risograph.

We have also extended this relationship to the process in which work will be created during the workshop. When creating the artworks to be printed with the Risograph, workshop participants will be working with analogue methods, made possible with an inventory of materials that will be provided. Finding creativity within these limitations is something we find charming and interesting.

We hope to be able to use this workshop as a platform for further experimentation among participants—to investigate the relationship between the Risograph, the process of making, and the final printed matter.


Through the course of the two-day / four-day activity, it allows for an intensive journey of creating work in a short period of time. Along with the approach of making with our hands, it challenges the common pattern of conceptualising before making. Participants will be exposed to a different creative process through this emphasis on making as a way of thinking.

By reducing materials to its essentials, participants are also encouraged to invent new ways of expanding on the library without access to external materials. This limitation might seem intimidating at first, but it opens up new ways in thinking about the many possibilities that are available without the computer.

The introduction of the Risograph as a print-making method allows more individuals in Singapore to tap on the rise of this medium. The unique output and cost-efficiency for small to medium print runs have much to offer for independent projects.

A series of conditioning and calibrating exercises, followed by an experimental interpretation of a personal object.

Friday, 11 March 2016, 6—9pm

A partner event of Singapore Design Week 2016

Reproduction: The action or process of copying / duplicating (something) [1]

(Re)Construction: To reorganise (something) [1]

Appropriation: (in art) The use or recontextualisaion of pre-existing (something) [1]

In this workshop, we will be responding to a set of limitations that will guide us to reproduce, construct, and appropriate content from a selection of reading materials. These materials contain broad-ranging content related to the specific themes [2] of this workshop, and takes a self-referential approach to further facilitate hands-on experiments and discussion among participants. The result will be a 8 pages, A5 size pamphlet from each participant [3]. We aim for this to be a collective presentation of reorganised fragments of content, thoughts, and visual responses specific to each participant’s areas of interest.

[1] Fragments of Content
[2] Key themes: Alternative education, Making as a way of thinking, Process-driven & Exploratory approaches to design, Practice-based research, Authorship / Self- initiated work, Graphic design. This workshop will serve only as an introduction to these topics, it aims to encourage further personal exploration and discovery instead of taking a didactic approach.
[3] Each participant will get one copy of each pamphlet made by all participants, along with multiple copies of their own.

Workshop cost: $120

Group sign-up discount: Participants who sign up together in a group of at least 5 will be eligible for a 10% discount off the workshop cost.

Students: Participants who are students will be eligible for a 20% discount off workshop cost.


To register, please send an email to workshop@areas-of-interest.com with the following information before 9th March:

○ Name
○ Email address
○ Contact number
○ Brief bio and/or references (Optional)

Terms & Conditions

○ Slots will only be confirmed upon receipt of 50% payment of workshop cost as deposit.
○ Workshop session will be conducted if at least 4 slots are filled.
○ In the event that a workshop session is due and the minimum slots are not filled, we will be in touch within the week to discuss alternative dates.
○ In the event of cancellation by participant after a slot has been confirmed, deposit is non-refundable.


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